If Road Race is one of the easiest way to practice track and field, finding good quality races is not always as easy. With so many different events through Europe, it can be difficult to find the race that fits your needs.


Some runners wish for races with small amount of competitors, and some others look for events with additional range of service.


All the competitors must have the feeling that their health and safety are guaranteed, on a track precisly measured, with nothing else to think about except performance.


This is where European Athletics Race's standards comes in. (54 Assessment criteria)

The "Semi Marathon de Cannes" has been awarded 3*

The "10km de Cannes" has been awarded 5*

Practical Informations

1. Start / Finish

The start will take place at 8.45AM for the Half Marathon, at 11.00AM for the 10km and at 12.15AM for the 5km on the ‘’Boulevard de la Pantiéro’’, facing the old port of Cannes (100m away from the Palais des Festivals)

The finish will be judged on the ‘’Esplanade de la Pantiéro’’ at the old port.


2. Course

Flat circuit, along the sea and completely closed to traffic.

Entertainment - refuelling Manual, Video and technical checkpoints.

Qualifying race for 2021 French Championships.


3. Village

Our partner’s stands will be open on Saturday, October 23rd 2020 from 10.00AM to 7.00PM and on Sunday October 24th from 7.15AM to 1PM on the Esplanade de la Pantiéro (Old port of Cannes).


4. Rewards

Event T-shirt for Finishers.


Draw lots offered by our partners.

Cash prizes for the Semi and 10km for the top 10 (Scratch) and the top 5 in the 5km (Scratch)  as well as Record and Performance bonuses for more information check “Prize Money".

Cup or medals for the first of each FFA Category (Can’t be cumulated with the scratch classification medal).


5. 10Km Race Challenge

Company’s Challenge: Trophy for the 1st team out of the 4 first runners arrived (women / or men)


6. Results

When collecting bibs, you will find a "Chronometry chip" at the back. This chip will allow us to take your official and real race time, and to classify you, therefore:

No chip = No time = No ranking

WARNING: Upon arrival do not put your watch in front of the bib it could prevent detection of your chip.


7. Obtain your Bib

The bibs will be delivered upon presentation of the FFA, FSGT, UFOLEP license for the current season or the photocopy of the medical certificate (if not yet provided)

- Saturday, Octoberber 23rd 2020 from 10.00AM to 7.00PM in the village of the race on the Esplanade de la Pantiéro.

- Sunday October 24th  2020 from 7.15AM also in the village.

For more security, bring your License or Certificate with you even if you’ve already provided it.


8. Security

The current security measures require us to control the people entering the village, so you are asked not to bring with you objects such as knives, scissors or any other object that can be assimilated to a weapon or your entrance to the village will be prohibited.


9. Access to the site

By car: Highway A8, exit N° 42 then direction Cannes centre, Palais des Festivals.

By train: Train station ‘’Cannes centre’’ is 400 meters away from the Village.

By plane: Nice Côte d'Azur airport then shuttle to Cannes.



Race rules for 5km, 10km and Half-Marathon of Cannes 2021



Art 1: Organization


The ATHLETIC CLUB DE CANNES, with the assistance of the CITY of CANNES, organizes the 28th HALF-MARATHON, the 22nd 10 Km and the 2nd 5km of Cannes on Sunday October 24th 2021.


Art 2: Course


The three courses (5 km, 10 km and 21.1 km) are officially measured (in accordance with IAAF standards)

The races are classifying and qualifying for the 2021 French Championships.

The start and finish of the races will take place on the Boulevard de la Pantiéro in front of the port of Cannes (100m away from the Palais des Festivals).

Race starts will be separated:


     *  Half MarathonStarts at 8.45AM.

     * 10 km Starts at 10.00AM.

     * 5km starts at 12.15AM.


Schedule can be modified by the organization if needed, in case of bad weather conditions, sanitary conditions, uses of the roads...

Organization will inform about any change at least on the Website, Le Semi de Cannes.


The race, entirely along the sea, is completely closed to traffic, a security service is set up by the National Police, the Municipal Police of Cannes and volunteers of the organization.


Refueling stations (5km / 10km / 15km and Finish Line) and sponges are set up all along the course. Chip scores, Manual and Video checkpoints are set up along the course and at the finish line.



Refueling stations is on the 5th kilometer for the 10km.



Art 3: Registration


The three events are open to FFA licensed runners or not, from:


     - Junior, born in 2003 or before for the Half Marathon.

     - Cadet, born in 2005 or before for the 10 km.

     - Minimes, born in 2007 or before for the 5 km.


It is expressly stated that the runners participate at the competition under their own and exclusive responsibility. The organizers decline all liability in case of accident or deficiency resulting from a bad state of health.

Articles L.231-2 and L.231-3 of the Sport Code and the law of April 5th 2006 on the fight against doping and the health of athletes oblige all French or foreign runners to provide proof of their aptitude for sport (or running) in competition, justified by a medical certificate.

Therefore participating at this event is subject to the presentation of:


     - A valid license issued by the FFA such as Athlé Competition or Athlé Running or Pass'Running.

     - A valid FSCF, FSGT or UFOLEP license mentioning “Running in competition”

     - Non-licensees, must provide a medical certificate mentioning the non-contraindication for practice of sport (or running) in competition, dated of less than a year to the date of the race. This document will be kept in original or copy by the organizer as a proof in case of accident.


No other document can be accepted as a medical certificate.

These provisions also apply to foreign runners.


Prior to the event, medical certificate, or computerized license must be provided by the runner. The deadline for sending these documents is the 16th of October 2021, for the organization to be able to valid the documents. It is the runner responsibility to check his documents has been validate.


In case of non providing one of these documents, the bib will not be delivered or refunded.


Art 4: Registrations


All registration is personal, firm and final, and cannot be refunded for any reason whatsoever.

No transfer of registration is permitted for any reason. Any person reassigning his bib to a third person, will be recognized responsible in case of accident occurred or caused by it during the event. Anyone having a bib acquired in breach of these rules will be disqualified.

The organization declines all liability in the event of an accident in this type of situation.


Registrations can be done:


     - Online at www.semi-cannes.com until 2.PM on Thursday October 21st, 2021 inclusive.

     - By Mail until Saturday, October 16th, 2021 included.

     - On site, at the Cannes Athletic Club’s office until  Thursday October 21st, 2021 inclusive

     - Saturday, October 23rd 2021 on the village, located on the “Esplanade de la Pantiéro” facing the old port of Cannes from 10AM to 7PM.


Re-registrations for participants of the 1st of March 2020 edition can be done:


     - Online at www.semi-cannes.com  until Sunday October 10th 2021 (Included)

     - On site, at the Cannes Athletic Club’s office until  Saturday October 9th, 2021 (included)


 March 1st 2020 Edition participants who aren't registered for this edition will be proposed a free registration for 2022.


Re-registrations for one of any of the 3 distance for March 1st of 2020 participants are free until October the 10th 2021.






The registration fee for the 5 km is:


     * 15 € until       Septembre 12th 2021 included

     * 18 € until       October 21st 2021

     * 21 € on           Saturday 23rd of October 2021


The registration fee for the 10km is:


     * 18 € until       Septembre 12th 2021 included

     * 23 € until       October 21st 2021

     * 28 € on           Saturday 23rd of October 2021


The registration fee for the Half Marathon is


     * 23 € until       Septembre 12th 2021 included

     * 28 € until       October 21st 2021

     * 33 € on           Saturday 23rd of October 2021



Art 5: Preferential bibs


They are only delivered when providing proof of a performance, made within the last 3 years, sent with your registration papers or by email to athle-cannes@orange.fr


     - 5 km Men: SAS 1 < 17min / SAS 2 < 20min

     - 10km Women: SAS 1 < 19min / SAS 2 < 22min

     - 10 km Men: SAS 1 < 35min / SAS 2 < 40min

     - 10km Women: SAS 1 < 38min / SAS 2 < 45min

     - Half marathon Men: SAS 1 < 1h22min / SAS 2 < 1h32min

     - Half marathon Women: SAS 1 < 1h28min / SAS 2 < 1h40min


Art 6: Para Athletics


Para athletic athletes will only be allowed on 5km and 10km distances and will have to announce themselves during their registration.


Art 7: Time Limitation


For reasons of circuit congestion, the time will be limited to 2 Hours 30 Minutes on the half marathon, competitors completing the first 10km in more than 1Hour 10 Minutes will be redirected to the finish line.


Art 8: Obtaining bib


Bibs are delivered in the village located on the “Esplanade de la Pantièro” in Cannes, upon presentation of identity document.


- Saturday, October 23rd, 2021 from 10.00AM to 7.00PM.

- Sunday, October 24th, 2021 from 7.15AM to 11.30AM depending the race.


In case of issue, someone else can pick up your bib for you with photocopy of the runner's ID and his bib withdrawal ticket.


In case of non-issue of a license / current license and a medical certificate in accordance with your registration, you must submit one of these documents when picking up the bib on Saturday 23rd of October.




The bib must be fully legible and worn on the chest during the race.


Art 9: Cancelation (By the Runner)


During online registration (and only online) you can suscribe a cancelation Insurance. This option must be suscribed before finalizing the purchase. 

This option allows you, under conditions, to be refund 80% of the bib in case you are non participating in the race



Art 10: Official Jury


The French Athletics Federation sets a jury composed of judges who have the full power of decision.


Art 11: Timing


Timing will be done by an FFA approved timekeeper using an electronic timing system.

You will find on the back of your bib, an electronic chip. This chip must remain in place and not be folded.




It will be used as proof of passing checkpoints on the course. A competitor not following the entire course of the event may not be classified on arrival.

The chip will not be collected by the organization after the race.


Art 12: Insurance



Cancellation insurance: All participants registering online can take out cancellation insurance when registering for the event, as set out in Article 9 of these regulations.


Liability: The organizers subscribe to a liability insurance with AIAC guaranteeing the actions of members of the organization as well as those of competitors. Proof can be provided to any participant who requests it.


Individual accident: The organization recommends to all participants who do not have a personal insurance covering their personal injury, in particular the non-licensees to a sports federation, to subscribe to an individual accident insurance as part of their participation in the event.


Art 13: Medical Assistance


The health coverage of the event will be provided by a rescue association approved by the “Prefecture des Alpes-Maritimes”, including emergency stations located along the course.

Health services may decide to disqualify a competitor for medical reasons. His bib will be removed, meaning his immediate exclusion.

Any runner who is out of the race and decides to continue the race will do so under his own responsibility and the organization won’t be responsible in case of an accident.


Art 14: Traffic on the course


Bicycles, wheeled and / or motorized vehicles are strictly forbidden on the course, except for those of the organization.


Art 15: Prizes


     - Prize Money for the 10 first men and 10 first women in the scratch classification for 10km an Half-Marathon, and for the 5 first men and 5 first women in the scratch classification for 5km.


     - FFA Ranking (can’t be cumulated with the scratch) with Medal or Cup for the first of each FFA Category.


     - A "Company" Challenge on the 10 km: Trophy to the 1st team by adding the rankings of the first 4 runners arrived (Men and / or Women) of each team.


The rewards will only be awarded to the runners present at the awards ceremony, except for the runners selected for anti-doping control.


Art 16: Imageright


During his participation in the event, each competitor expressly authorizes the organizers of the "Cannes 10km and Half-Marathon" as well as their successors, such as partners and media, to use the pictures or audiovisual images on which you could appear, taken during your participation in the "5km,10km and Half-Marathon Cannes", in all media, including promotional and / or advertising material, all over the world and for the longest period provided for by law, regulations, treaties in force, including any extensions that may be made to this duration.


Art 17: CNIL


The registration form is likely to be used for all purposes by the organizer, unless expressly contrarily stipulated by the interested party who has a right to access and rectify his personal data, in accordance with the law. "Informatique et Liberté" of January 6th 1978.






RecordMan : NIYONIZIGIYE J-Claude  - 1h02'58''    /     RecordWoman : KALOVICS Aniko - 1h11'31''

26/04/92 ARNOUX Olivier 1h05'57" VILLETON Jocelyne 1h18'00
01/11/93 YAHYE Aden 1h05'32" FYODOROVA Lyubov 1h14'54
16/10/94 LOPEZ Gérard 1h05'41" DRIA Souad 1h17'05
25/02/96 SALAH Ahmed 1h03'58" LAVILLE Sylvie 1h20'50
23/02/97 KONICHEV Igor 1h05'35" YVELAIN Fatima 1h15'52


1h04'37" YVELAIN Fatima 1h14'37
28/02/99 KHOBOTOV Michael 1h05'17" NETCHAEVA Svetlana 1h15'46
27/02/00 ZIAR Rachid 1h03'09" ALAGIA Tiziala 1h14'03
25/02/01 BOUZID Tarik 1h06'36" CSOMOR Erika 1h13'22
24/02/02 REZESSY Gergely 1h06'03" ENAKI V 1h18'20
02/03/03 STEPAN Zsoltz 1h05'24" DERIABINA Elena 1h16'48
07/03/04 BOUMLILI Khalid 1h04'45" LOPEZ Magali 1h22'39
27/02/05 ROGART Stephen 1h07'15" DERIABINA Elena 1h15'48
26/02/06 ETICHA Tesfaye 1h06'09" KALOVICS Aniko 1h12'58
18/02/07 BENOIT Z. 1h04'50" KALOVICS Aniko 1h13'14
24/02/08 KYUI John 1h05'34" KALOVICS Aniko 1h11'31
15/02/09 KYUI John 1h04'26" LOPERGOLO Ingrid 1h17'11
14/02/10 IINDONGO Ruben 1h03'20" ROCHE Adeline 1h16'14
20/02/11 NIYONIZIGIYE J-Claude 1h02'58" LOUISON Alexandra 1h16'49
19/02/12 NDUWIMANA Willy 1h04'24" HOFFMANN M-Pierre 1h19'20
24/02/13 JALAL Nourdine 1h05'26" LOUISON Alexandra 1h16'32
23/02/14 NDUWIMANA Willy 1h05'45" LOUISON Alexandra 1h15'18
22/02/15 KUMBI BECHERE Tura 1h05'29" LOUISON Alexandra 1h13'33
21/02/16 KUMBI BECHERE Tura 1h05'16" JANTUNEN Hanna 1h16'00
19/02/17 HRIOUED Alaa 1h05'25" MUNYUTO Alice 1h18'27
25/02/18 NSENGIYUMVA Dieudonne 1h04'41" MEKONNEN Adanech 1h15'19
03/03/19 RUTOH Dennis 1h03'10" NEGASA Chaltu 1h17'32''


RecordMan : NDEMI Abel Maina  - 28'46''    /     RecordWoman : NEGASA Chaltu - 32'29''

28/02/99 STRUYVEN William 29'31" GADI Hafida 34'00"
27/02/00 STRUYVEN William 29'24" MARCONI Gloria 33'38"
25/02/01 STRUYVEN William 29'37" BEN Thaami 35'37"
24/02/02 DGHOUGI Aissa 29'43" KALOVICS Aniko 33'49"
02/03/03 DGHOUGI Aissa 29'49" FAITH Chemutai 34'47"
07/03/04 MENACER Ahmed 29'39" KASSAMI Karima 33'24"
27/02/05 KIRUI Daniel 29'34" MUNENE Anne 33'16"
26/02/06 ZOUHAIR Ouerdi 30'07" DESPREZ Caroline 34'53"
18/02/07 IINDONGO Ruben 29'16" DESPREZ Caroline 35'38"
24/02/08 LARHIOUCH Fouad


IVANOVA Marina 34'21"
15/02/09 NDEMI Abel Maina 28'50" YVELAIN Fatima 35'16
14/02/10 NDEMI Abel Maina 28'46"


20/02/11 NIYONKURU Abraham 28'55" MONTMARTEAU Sabrina 34'31"
19/02/12 NKUZIMANA Onesphore 29'19" NIYONIZIGIYE Francine 34'34"
24/02/13 NIYONIZIGIYE J-Claude 31'03" MONTMARTEAU Sabrina 34'21"
23/02/14 KUMBI BECHERE Tura 29'25" SOKOLENKO Ekaterina 34'08"
22/02/15 OGARI Charles 29'31" GODARD-MONMARTEAU Sabrina 34'39"
21/02/16 CONINX Dorian 29'11" HAMEL Severine 34'50"
19/02/17 SERGHINI Mohamed 29'33" MEKONNEN Adanech 33'52"
25/02/18 NAVARRO Nicolas 29'43" NEGASA Chaltu 32'29"
03/03/19 MEKHISSI BENABBAD Mahiedine 29'31" MEKONNEN Adanech-Mesfen 33'30''



03/03/19 ZILALI Abdelhakim 15'17" MOREAUX Camille 18'33''


Prize Money

Prize Money for scratch ranking Men and Women

Half Marathon :


1st 450€ / 2nd 300€ / 3rd 150€ / 4th 100€ / 5th 75€ / 6th 60€ / 7th 45€ / 8th 45€ / 9th 30€ / 10th 30€


10km :


1st 300€ / 2nd 200€ / 3rd 100€ / 4th 75€ / 5th 50€ / 6th 50€ / 7th 40€ / 8th 40€ / 9th 30€ / 10th 30€


5km :

1st 120€ / 2nd 80€ / 3rd 60€ / 4th 40€ / 5th 40€ 


Event Record Prize Money


The prize money for breaking the event record for the 10km race or Half Marathon (Men or Women) is 250€.


10km Record : Men - 28' 46"         Women - 32'29"

Half Marathon Record : Men - 1h 02' 58"     Women - 1h 11' 31"
Performance Prize Money*


100€ Prize money is given for runners who run,

Under 29'30" 
for the Men’s 10km  and under  34'30" for the  women’s 10km

Under 1h05'30" for the men’s Half Marathon and under 1h17'00" for the women’s Half Marathon Women.

50€ Prize money is given for runners who run,

Under 30'15" for  the men’s 10km Men and under 35'45" for the women’s 10km

Under 1h09'00" for the men’s Half Marathon Men and under 1h20'00" for women’s the Half Marathon

* Those prize money
cannot be combined with “Event Record prize money”.