Race rules for 5km, 10km and Half-Marathon of Cannes 2024



Art 1: Organization

The ATHLETIC CLUB DE CANNES, with the assistance of the CITY of CANNES, organizes the 31st HALF-MARATHON, the 25th 10km and the 5th 5km of Cannes on Sunday March 3rd 2024.



Art 2: Race

The three races (5 km, 10 km and 21.1km) are officially measured (in accordance with IAAF standards). The races are classifying and qualifying for the French Championships.


Organization will give the schedule as soon as possible on its website ( depending on different things (Sanitary conditions, availability of the city streets…)


The race, entirely along the sea, is completely closed to traffic, a security service is set up by the National Police, the Municipal Police of Cannes and volunteers of the organization.

Chip scores, Manual and Video checkpoints are set up along the race and at the finish line.


Refueling stations (5km / 10km / 15km and Finish Line) and sponges are set up all along the race (7.5km / 12.5km / 17.5km) for the Half-marathon.

Refueling stations at 5km and sponges at 7.5km for the 10km.



Art 3: Registration

The three events are open to FFA licensed runners or not, from:


     - Junior, born in 2006 or before for the Half Marathon.

     - Cadet, born in 2008 or before for the 10 km.

     - Cadet, born in 2010 or before for the 5 km.


It is expressly stated that the runners participate at the competition under their own and exclusive responsibility. The organizers decline all liability in case of accident or deficiency resulting from a bad state of health.

Articles L.231-2 and L.231-3 of the Sport Code and the law of April 5th 2006 on the fight against doping and the health of athletes oblige all French or foreign runners to provide proof of their aptitude for sport (or running) in competition, justified by a medical certificate.

Therefore participating at this event is subject to the presentation of:


For adults (aged of 18 and more) :

     - A valid license issued by the FFA such as Athlé Competition or Athlé Running or Pass'Running.

     - A currently valid FCD, FFSA, FFH, FSPN, ASPTT, FSCF, FSGT or UFOLEP license mentioning “Running in competition”

     - Non-licensees, must provide a medical certificate mentioning the non-contraindication for practice of sport (or running) in competition, dated of less than a year to the date of the race. This document will be kept in original or copy by the organizer as a proof in case of accident.


For children/minors (aged below 18 years old) :

      - A valid license issued by the FFA such as Athlé Competition or Athlé Running or Pass'Running.


     - A currently valid FCD, FFSA, FFH, FSPN, ASPTT, FSCF, FSGT or UFOLEP license mentioning “Running in competition”

     - For minors who do not hold a licence, proof of completion of a questionnaire relating to the state of health of the minor athlete, completed jointly by the minor and the persons exercising parental authority. If a response to the health questionnaire leads to a medical examination, registration requires the production of a medical certificate attesting to the absence of any contraindication to the practice of sport or running dating less than six months.


No other document can be accepted as a medical certificate.

These provisions also apply to foreign runners.


These documents must be provided before the event, deadline is February 26th of 2024 for the organization to control it.

In case of non providing one of these documents, the bib will not be delivered or refunded.



Art 4: Registrations

All registration or re-registration is personal, firm and final, and cannot be refunded for any reason whatsoever.

No transfer of registration is permitted for any reason. Any person reassigning his bib to a third person, will be recognized responsible in case of accident occurred or caused by it during the event. Anyone having a bib acquired in breach of these rules will be disqualified.

The organization declines all liability in the event of an accident in this type of situation.


Registrations can be done:


     - Online at until 2.00PM on Thursday February the 29th 2024.

     - By Mail until Saturday, February 24th 2024 included.

     - On site, at the Cannes Athletic Club’s office until Thursday February the 29th 2024

     - Saturday, March 2nd 2024 on the Race Village from 10.00AM to 7.00PM.


The registration fees for the 5 km is:


     * 15 € until 28th of January 2024 included

     * 18 € until 29th of February 2024 (2.00PM)

     * 21 € on Saturday March 2nd 2024


The registration fee for the 10km is:


     * 18 € until 28th of January 2024 included

     * 23 € until 29th of February 2024 (2.00PM)

     * 28 € on Saturday March 2nd 2024


The registration fee for the Half Marathon is


     * 23 € until 28th of January 2024 included

     * 28 € until 29th of February 2024 (2.00PM)

     * 33 € on Saturday March 2nd 2024


Special rate for FFA Competition licence holders (online registration) : 

A discount of 2 is available for FFA licence holders until the 29th of March 2024 (2.00PM).

There will be no retroactive processing in the event of a license being taken after

registration, nor in the event of incorrect entry (license number, identity, date of birth)


not allowing the reduction to be offered.






Art 5: Preferential bibs

They are only delivered when providing proof of a performance (last 2 Years), sent with your registration papers or by email to


     - 5 km Men: SAS 1 < 17min / SAS 2 < 20min

     - 10km Women: SAS 1 < 19min / SAS 2 < 22min

     - 10 km Men: SAS 1 < 35min / SAS 2 < 40min

     - 10km Women: SAS 1 < 38min / SAS 2 < 45min

     - Half marathon Men: SAS 1 < 1h22min / SAS 2 < 1h32min

     - Half marathon Women: SAS 1 < 1h28min / SAS 2 < 1h40min



Art 6: Para Athletics

Para athletic athletes will only be allowed on 5km and 10km distances and will have to announce themselves during their registration


Art 7: Joëlettes

Joëlettes (or "seahorses" or armchairs pushed by attendants) for disabled people are accepted for the 5KM and 10KM races and must meet the following conditions: start at the rear of the peloton, have a number of chaperones limited to 6 people, all with the same bib number and a single chip (only the joëlette will appear in the ranking).

Registration fees depend on the number of accompanying persons, and must be requested from

the organizer (


Art 8: Time Limitation

For reasons of circuit congestion, the time will be limited to 2 Hours 30 Minutes on the half marathon, competitors completing the first 10km in more than 1Hour 10 Minutes will be redirected to the finish line.



Art 9: Obtaining bib

Bibs are delivered in the Race Village, upon presentation of ID document and/or withdrawal voucher.


- Saturday, March 2nd 2024 from 10.00AM to 7.00PM

- Sunday, March 3rd 2024 from 7.15AM to 11.30AM (according to races)


A third party can withdraw your bib with the withdrawal voucher and a photocopy of your ID card.


In case of non-issue of a license / current license and a medical certificate in accordance with your registration, you must submit one of these documents when picking up the bib on March 2nd.




The bib must be fully legible and worn on the chest during the race.



Art 10 : Runner Cancellation

Cancelling insurance can be subscribed when registering (only for online registration), must be subscribed before submit. This insurance allows you, under conditions, to be refund 80% of the bib price, in case you don’t attend the race.



Art 11: Official Jury

The French Athletics Federation sets a jury composed of judges who have the full power of decision.



Art 11: Timing

Timing will be done by an FFA approved timekeeper using an electronic timing system.

You will find an electronic chip on the back of your bib. This chip must remain in place and not be folded.




It will be used as proof of passing checkpoints on the race. A competitor not following the entire race of the event will not be ranked.

The chip will not be collected by the organization after the race.



Art 13: Insurance

Cancelling Insurance: Can be subscribed with online registration (See Art.10)


Liability: The organizers subscribe to a liability insurance with AIAC guaranteeing the actions of members of the organization as well as those of competitors. Proof can be provided to any participant who requests it.


Individual accident: The organization recommends to all participants who do not have a personal insurance covering their personal injury, in particular the non-licensees to a sports federation, to subscribe to an individual accident insurance as part of their participation in the event.



Art 14: Medical Assistance

The health coverage of the event will be provided by a rescue association approved by the “Prefecture des Alpes-Maritimes”, including emergency stations located along the race.

Health services may decide to disqualify a competitor for medical reasons. His bib will be removed, meaning his immediate exclusion.

Any runner who is out of the race and decides to continue the race will do so under his own responsibility and the organization won’t be responsible in case of an accident.



Art 15: Traffic on the race

Bicycles, wheeled and / or motorized vehicles are strictly forbidden on the race, except for those of the organization.



Art 16: Prizes

     - Prize Money for the 10 first men and 10 first women in the scratch ranking for 10km and Half-Marathon, and for the 5 first men and 5 first women in the scratch ranking for 5km.


     - FFA Ranking (can’t be cumulated with the scratch) with Medal or Cup for the first of each FFA Category.


The rewards will only be awarded to the runners present at the awards ceremony, except for the runners selected for anti-doping control.



Art 17: Image rights

During his participation in the event, each competitor expressly authorizes the organizers of the "Cannes 10km and Half-Marathon" as well as their successors, such as partners and media, to use the pictures or audiovisual images on which you could appear, taken during your participation in the "5km,10km and Half-Marathon Cannes", in all media, including promotional and / or advertising material, all over the world and for the longest period provided for by law, regulations, treaties in force, including any extensions that may be made to this duration.



Art 18: CNIL

The registration form is likely to be used for all purposes by the organizer, unless expressly contrarily stipulated by the interested party who has a right to access and rectify his personal data, in accordance with the law. "Informatique et Liberté" of January 6th 1978.