bibs & storage

Bibs withdrawal

 The obtention of bibs will take place at the Start / Finish village on the “Esplanade de la Pantièro” on Saturday March 02nd from 10.00AM and until 7.00PM or Sunday March 3th, same place from 7AM to 10AM.

WARNING when picking up bibs, the bib number document and an ID document  will be asked and, if this has not been done yet, you will need to present a medical certificate mentioning "no contraindication to the practice of running in competition" or a license as described in the race rules.

Advice: For more security, bring your License or Certificate with you even if you’ve already provided it.



When collecting bibs, you will find a "Chronometry chip" at the back. This chip will allow us to take your official and real race time, and to classify you, therefore:

No chip = No time = No ranking


WARNING: Upon arrival do not put your watch in front of the bib it could prevent detection of your chip.

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A storage is provided on the Start / Finish Village, you can drop off your clothes before the race, you will be given a counter-mark, in order collect it back at the end of your event.